Friday, January 4, 2008

Prussia and the Building the Atlantic Economy

During the seventeenth century the Atlantic economy grew. However, Prussia played a very small role in the Atlantic economy’s growth. Its location geographically was not near the Atlantic causing Prussia to have little significance to the Atlantic trade. Prussia did not play a large role in trade or in the building of the economy because their main focus was their outstanding army. There were three Silesian wars in which Prussia fought for control of Silesia. In the first war Frederick II came into Silesia to claim money that was considered Prussias due to the 1537 Treaty of Schwiebus.In the second war the Treaty of Dresden was signed, which confirmed the Prussian possessions in Silesia. And the third was was part of the Seven Years war. In addition, Frederick William had two main features in his internal policy, taxation and money for building his army.

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